Monthly Archives: December 2014

It was a treat to hear from Kasey (one of my beloved past clients) and work with her to develop a wonderful session for her family. She and her sisters were gathering at their parents’ home to celebrate Christmas, providing a perfect opportunity to document some treasured time together. They are an active family, so a hike at one of their favorite places was a great way to catch them in their element. After knocking out a few posed shots, we took off across the creek and down the trail. And that is where the magic happened. . .

Happy kids scurried past adults back and forth. A row of rocks turned into a balance beam. Tiny treasures (and big treasures) were collected and presented by small hands. Smiles were traded and jokes made. Towers were built. Hands were held. Laughs were exchanged. Boo-boos were tended to with care. Little ones were carried, tickled, and lifted. Rocks were gleefully thrown into the water.

What probably felt like typical events to this wonderful group of people were glimpses of the deep culture of love that has been nurtured for years. Seeing each person in their multiple roles was really beautiful and was a joy to capture. Thank you to Kasey and her lovely bunch for being so super to work with – I hope that your Christmas was full of joy and that the New Year is filled with happiness for you all!

(…stay tuned for Part II of this story shoot!)