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Monthly Archives: March 2011

April and Michael :: Wedding

Let me start out by saying that I want to steal April’s eyes (holy cow – so beautiful).  That is all. From our very first consultation, I fell in love with April and Michael.  There is just a “click” that sometimes happens and you know that everything surrounding that couple is just going to rock.  […]

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Sara and Lane :: eSession

Good thing my gums are strong, or else my teeth would have rotted straight out after experiencing the sheer sweetness of Sara and Lane.  When I showed up to the eSession and both Sara and I were wearing green Chucks, I knew it was going to be a great session.  We shot in the same […]

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Tiffany and Jared :: Wedding

I am soooo happy to have such FUN couples like Tiffany and Jared to work with! Everything about their wedding was well thought out and a blast to experience. Tiffany and Jared’s officiant had known them for most of their lives and as a result, their ceremony was full of heartfelt emotions, memories, and reflection. […]

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Ryan :: Children

Despite all the flack that Facebook has received for one issue or another, there is no doubt that it has changed the world and has reconnected individuals that had lost touch.  I had an old high school buddy, Sandy, who contacted me through FB and asked if I would do photos of her son, Ryan.  […]

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